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Hello and welcome to 36Degrees, the UK's biggest homeowner magazine. We offer free advice to homeowners looking to sell, get on the ladder, buy or invest. We are the one stop property shop!

36 Degree's founder Rich Martin has had years of experience in the property market, starting life as an estate agent and moving into an investment specialist in later life. Now retired, Bil likes to write and blog all things property and is here to offer you free advice


This Month's Featured Company

Each month we have a featured property company where we put an industry specialist under the spotlight. This month we have taken a look into the world of 'fast house sales' and have an exclusive interview with one of the industry specialists David Sessford, who has a company that buy houses for fast cash called Ready Steady Sell.

Ready Steady Sell are an online buyer of properties and offer a fast cash price, however with the whole industry under speculation recently we caught up with David for a chat regardiing how his company differs and the services it provides.

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