Two Things to Do in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a beautiful city on California’s Central Coast, about an hour east of San Diego. It is known for its beautiful beaches and local wineries. The Monarch Butterfly Dance Sanctuary shelters rare monarch butterflies that migrate into Pismo Beach in the cooler summer months. Atop a rocky bluff, Dinosaur Caves Park contains numerous trails with ocean access and a playground.

Why Everything You Know About Things To Do In Pismo Beach Is A Lie

Other notable parks in Pismo Beach include Big Bear Park, which is a recreation facility near the Pacific Ocean. The playground at the nearby Museum of Contemporary Art has free musical shows with popular local bands and DJs, along with nature exhibits and educational activities. Chumash Park also has a playground and other things to do in Pismo Beach. In Chumash Park you can visit the dinosaur caves park, which is open to the public during the summer months from March through October.

93 The Monarch Butterflies sanctuary located at nearby Chumash Park provides shelter to several species of butterflies, such as the Monarch Butterfly. The park also has a beach and picnic areas where visitors can relax. A trail leading toward the beach leads to the trail back to the parking lot. Nearby the beach is the Museum of Contemporary Art, a contemporary art museum that features a permanent exhibition of abstract art, as well as a small playground and several temporary seating areas.

The last two attractions to do in Pismo Beach are the Palisades Park Flyover and the Monarch Butterflies shelter. The flyover offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, while the Monarch Butterflies shelter is an ideal place for photographers. Here, Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs, and their caterpillars grow. This breeding cycle produces thousands of butterflies every year. To enjoy the spectacular sights of these breeding facilities and the butterflies themselves, a guided tour of the park is recommended.

Aside from the several sites to see in Pismo Beach, a very beautiful place to swim and snorkel is the La Playa del Amor or the Lover’s Rock, which is located just near the Amor Sea. This is an isolated cove surrounded by rock formations and protected by the Department of Marine Wildlife. The rocks are home to numerous species of tropical fish and clams, making it a wonderful place to snorkel and swim.

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