A Good Car Battery Service Provider Is Only As Good As The Customer Service!

Reliable Batteries are supplying top quality, cheap, high performance car batteries to Gold Coast motorists for more than a decade now. The company has grown from a small unit run just by one man to a world leader in the supply of automotive aftermarket accessories, powertrain components and batteries. This company is synonymous with “quality” and “performance”. That’s why the name” Reliable Car Batteries” has been so Synonymous with “Gold Coast”. If there is one company that embodies the values of “reliability” and “performance” in an all-in-one product it’s this company.

car battery gold coast


This company is proud to partner with their many thousands of satisfied customers who have made the choice to purchase their product and trust them with their precious assets. Reliability and high performance are what the Gold Coast and this company’s customers are looking for and they know that their suppliers of car battery parts are only going to deliver quality products backed by great after sales service. They are assured of having a good battery service provider with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. This is why so many people choose Gold Coast based battery suppliers and not just anywhere.


Reliable car battery parts are only as good as the service and the reputation of the supplier, that supplies them. To ensure that your assets are in good hands visit the company website online and check out the reviews, feedback and customer testimonials for their previous projects. You’ll find a range of batteries and chargers to suit any of your car battery requirements here. Don’t forget to contact them with any queries or concerns, they’re more than willing to help!

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