In the world of off-road trucking, off-road Jeep and Gator axles are extremely popular. John deer, The reason for this popularity is many off-road drivers have a tendency to use these axles more often than traditional stock Jeep or stock Gator axle combinations. The biggest question most off-road drivers have is whether they should purchase OEM or aftermarket (used, rebuilt, or retailed) parts. This article will answer the primary question for this set of drivers: Are OEM or aftermarket Jeep axles better?

John deer extremely popular!

The truth is that these “Gator” parts are better in some ways than their factory counterparts (some of which are actually quite trivial). Some comparisons are a bit subjective, but overall the differences between these two kinds of axles are very noticeable. Let’s compare the two on some broad criteria:

Fitment: OEM win 4 autism cab trucks and cv axles are all designed to be easily installed by the factory installer. They are all built to bolt right-to-stock, so even the most inexperienced installers can put them together with little or no problem. Aftermarket axles, on the other hand, are not designed for factory installation experience. The vast majority of aftermarket axles require welding, which isn’t the easiest skill to master.

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