aurora roofing

A local Denver roofing company called aurora roofing experts did a great job restoring my home’s siding to its original look. The work was done within a short time of approval despite the fact that several area siding roofs needed repairs during that period of heavy wind damage. The company was very prompt in getting the work done and were very happy to use Aurora Roofing for another similar job on a high wind home two miles away. They were able to get both jobs done in a timely fashion and again, the people that saw the siding were very pleased. I’ve read numerous reviews of other companies that use the old siding for new jobs, but this roofing company exceeds those expectations. They were very prompt in their service and did a great job with respect to the workmanship and quality of materials.


The main reason I choose aurora roofing over all the others I checked out in the past was because their rates were reasonable. This company is one that prides itself on bringing low cost services to the Denver area because they know that most commercial roofing work requires multiple people to be involved for it to be successful. They don’t want to go cheap on labor, so they always try to get the best deal for their customers. I’m glad they included my roof in their regular repair list because I could actually get two of their repairs done instead of just one. The second repair went just as well as the first and the work was nearly as inexpensive as some of the other Denver roof repair companies.


When talking to the technicians at this Denver roofing company, I learned that most were trained by the former U.S. Air Force Contractors Association. This indicates that this Denver based company has an excellent reputation when it comes to working with contractors and other professionals. They also make sure that their workers are insured and that their contracts include full disclosure of all materials and labor costs involved in doing the work. They do not hide anything from their customers, which is a good sign for anybody who might need roofing. I definitely recommend going with aurora roofing because not only did they give me the best possible estimate when I had my roof Storm damage repaired, but they charged me less than half the price they charged my competition and I got nearly twice as much in labor costs too!

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