Petone daycare centres in Zambia have a unique way of working with children. They treat them not as objects of entertainment but as valuable members of the family who need to be cared for. In a way, it is like raising children in the Australian way, where you treat your children as a valued resource. Unlike other child care services which see children as merely sources of revenue, these centres actually make it a point to create a strong bond between the children and the caring staff members.

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This daycare centre was started as a response to the growing problem of child sexual abuse. The idea was to create an environment that would provide a safe haven for abused children, thereby preventing further damage being done to them. What is great about this particular model is that the children are placed in an environment that allows them to interact with other children and with people of their own age group. This is done in an atmosphere that treats children as valuable members of the family and a source of help.

Another unique aspect of the petrone daycare facilities in Zambia is that they allow children to go outdoors with other children of their age group. This is done by providing a playground area where the kids can play. Since most children love to play outdoor games, this can be a wonderful way to bond with your kids. By allowing your kids to play with other children, you are also teaching them the importance of sharing with others. In turn, this would encourage your children to be more socially aware later on.

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