How to integrate Google Analytics Into Your Website

Google analytics is by far the best Free analytics tool any SEO can use to help themselves further improve a sites performance, and give their clients a good resource to track performance.


In this post, I want to just give you some simple steps to get Google Analytics running on a website. (We have a lot of new SEO experts, and this has been a request that is easy to cover.)


  1. Make sure you have access to your sites “index.php” file, or if you’re using a CMS like wordpress, make sure you have access to go in and edit the necessary file so you can place some simple code in it.


  1. Go to – and sign up for an account using either your own, or your clients Google account. If you don’t have one, just create one, it’s Free!


  1. Once you have logged in, you’re going to want to click on the “+ add new profile” button to get started.


  1. The steps are simple, just enter your website, and copy the Tracking Code that Google gives you. Once you have that copied, just place that before the closing body tag in your index file, or in your home.php / index.php file if you’re using a CMS, then save it.


  1. You’re going to need to give Google until after midnight to start tracking your analytics, but give it a day and you will start to see the results right when you login.

There are plenty of options, reports you can create and run, traffic sources, popular pages, keywords, and more to help you pull massive amounts of information to help in your SEO campaign. (Which is of course, what we all love, as much information as possible!)


Note: You can use the same Google Analytics account for multiple websites, just repeat the process above when your in the dashboard.


For more such guides and information, you can visit Brand AdvoKates.




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Airlen Screening – Should You Have One?

A great many practitioners of medicine believe that Irlen screening is important. I thought I was doing all I could to protect my daughter from breast cancer, but now I’m really concerned about her health and the future. It’s hard to know what’s going on inside your body when you’re not able to see it with the naked eye. That’s why regular MRIs are so important; they can let you know if there are problems with your lymph nodes or blood vessels. If cancer is growing, those symptoms will get worse, and you’ll have a lot more to worry about. Regular MRIs can save lives.

Irlen Screening – Should You Have One?

My sister had her lymph node cancer screen during her annual physical, and it was done by a specialist in internal medicine. It wasn’t one of the standard procedures doctors usually perform, but it caught my attention because it’s such an important test. The test determines whether or not cancer has spread. If cancer has spread, the doctor can do more invasive surgery and remove the entire tumor. It’s important to catch cancer early, before it spreads. I’m all for making cancer symptoms a little more obvious, but I think that learning to spot the telltale signs of cancer is more important than learning how to treat them.

Her oncologist told her to go for an irlen screening, as well as an ultrasound. I was surprised that her oncologist would recommend an ultrasound, as this is usually the sort of thing doctors would never suggest. My sister passed out when the test was over, and it was a shock for me, because this kind of treatment usually doesn’t make much sense to me. But my mother kept insisting that it was the best thing she could possibly do, because cancer is a killer and needs to be treated as such. We were soon planning to do a bone scan, CT scan, and MRI to find out exactly what her prognosis was. We’re going to have a biopsy soon, as well, to find out whether she had any other forms of cancer that had not spread to her lymph nodes or the lymph nodes in her neck and upper back.

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Payday Loan Debt Relief – Steps to Take When Looking For a Payday Loan Debt Relief Company

If you are under financial situation and have payday loans that need to be repaid, it’s time to start looking for debt relief companies. Many people get into financial trouble when they take out loans for things that they are not able to afford and then can’t pay them back. Financial trouble can affect you health, family life, and your credit rating. When your financial situation is bad, a debt relief company may be able to help you manage your debt better and lower your monthly payments, allowing you to get your debt back under control and saving you money in the long run. Find out

Debt Relief Myths – How Debt Relief Programs Really Work

You first need to work with your debt relief company to create a payment plan that you can live with so that you can pay off your payday loan debts faster. With your debt company handling your finances, you will begin negotiations with your creditors on your behalf. If you can’t come to an agreement with your creditors on reduced interest rates and waived late fees, then you may have to file bankruptcy to clear your debts. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, your credit history and financial situation will most likely be ruined for years, preventing you from taking out loans or credit cards in the future.

To avoid this fate, your next step is to work with a debt consolidation company to pay off your debts and improve your credit rating. Debt consolidation companies will work with your creditors to reduce the amount of interest you owe and to consolidate all of your debts into one monthly payment that you can afford. They will also work with your creditors to ensure that you’re getting accurate information about your debts so that you know what you owe and what your monthly payment amounts are. The best part about working with a debt consolidation company is that they handle everything for you including contacting your creditors, writing up a payment plan, and negotiating with your lenders to get your debts settled.

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What Is a Chairmanship of the Supervisors?

Chairman of the supervisory board, the independent director and the other directors appointed by the board of directors are all appointed by the board of directors. The Chairmen of the Supervisors of Companies Act is also called the SHOA or the Special Home Owner’s Association Act. It was in 1994 when the last such act to regulate home owners’ associations (SHOA) was passed. One of the main objectives of the SHOA was to reduce the conflicts between the board members and the residents of the communities. To this end, the act established the role of the chairmanship of the supervisor board, which includes a permanent representative or an alternate member who is elected by the homeowners for a term of two years from the date of appointment. To look at these

The Chairman of the supervisory board is a person

The Chairmanship of the Supervisors of Companies Act also referred to as the Board of Directors, is usually elected by the residents of the communities, either by nomination or election. Once the candidates are chosen, they are subjected to a disciplinary investigation conducted by the governing body of the society in which they are resident. Once the investigations are complete and the results are approved, the newly elected chairmanship of the supervisors will be announced by the governing body. The official duties of the chairmanship of the board of directors include the regular meetings of the board and the review of their activities by the other members of the board.

Under the Chairmanship of the Supervisors of Companies Act, a member of the board can have more than one type of official title. The names of the members of the Board of Directors will always be the same throughout. The only variation would be on the titles of the members of the Board of Directors of the Society, which are also called the Supervisors. This ensures a smooth process of succession should the current chief executive officer or any alternate members of the Board of Directors become interested in becoming a part of the governing bodies of the societies. A Lucet independent director designation is usually reserved for small organizations, where the membership is small and most importantly the corporation cannot afford to appoint an interim chief executive officer to serve as an Acting CEO in the event that the current CEO is unable to serve effectively due to illness or any unforeseen circumstances. If you are interested in being a director of a corporation, it is best to seek a Lucet designation instead of an ordinary director designation.

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Pure CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil

When it comes to getting CBD pure CBD oil, there are basically two sources, both of which have their own advantages. CBD is present in cannabis, and because it is not psychoactive, it cannot be abused by teens. However, it can also be found in some medical marijuana products, such as reefer and strain. In this article, we will look at both types of CBD available for purchase and what they are used for.

cbd pure cbd oil

Pure CBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil

There are two main sources of CBD, the first of which is CBD-infused essential oils, usually found in capsule form. CBD is everywhere around us today, with lots of CBD products on store shelves and CBD oils also being a regular addition to almost every vapor cartridge on the market. While CBD’s popularity ensures that there are hundreds of different CBD pure CBD oils on the market, finding good quality CBD oil is not necessarily so easy. Most CBD oils on the market are very poorly put together, using mostly cheap hemp oil, or extremely expensive “green” hemp oil (which simply doesn’t even smell like hemp oil! ).

I started finding pure CBD oil a few years ago when I began trying to reduce my daily marijuana intake. After a few months, I started to notice that my moods were starting to change, my sleep patterns were getting worse, and that I was definitely getting “high” feelings before I knew it! So after trying dozens of brands of CBD supplement products, I decided that I would give pure CBD oil a try. With pure CBD oil, I never get “high” feelings, and I don’t smoke weed anymore – it was a life saver. I now take three CBD capsules twice a day, along with a high quality multi-vitamin.

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